1I’m a comedian. What I’ll do is, I’ll write things that I hope are funny. Then I’ll try and confirm if they are in fact funny. If they appear to be, I’ll say them in front of a room full of people for a bit, or publish them, or record them, or etch them in whichever manner I see fit.

I wish there were more to it than that. I don’t think that the things I write will change the world. I don’t care if they ever make me rich or famous, and I don’t need a platform to talk about myself (my life is not that interesting). Truth be told I just don’t want to push a wheel barrel full of concrete or repair pallets. I’ve tried both, can’t do it.

That’s a real place by-the-way. There’s a company that repairs pallets (those wooden things companies ship products on). They don’t build new pallets, they repair damaged ones. After a group of men repair them another man driving a forklift drives a stack of ten repaired pallets over to a guy listening to Howard Stern through headphones, and that guy paints the stack bright orange. I was that guy. ┬áHave you ever spent 10-hours painting things bright orange? It messes with your eyes. I made it two and one-half days at that job; until in the middle of my shift I took off the large hazmat suit they had me in and walked 3-hours home (my ride continued to be employed).

So now I do comedy. There is a video section included in this website. Take a look and tell me what you think. If you like them, you can contact me or follow me on social media. Fair warning, I don’t use Facebook that often. If you hate the jokes I tell, but were excited by the prospect of discovering something new, send me a message and let me know what famous comedians you like. Perhaps I can suggest an up-and-coming comedian with similar sensibilities?

I think that’s it.