1 cropI’m a comedian. What I’ll do is, I’ll write things I think are funny. Then I try and figure out if they are in fact, funny. If they appear to be, I will continue to say them in front of people, or film them, or record them, or etch them in whatever method works best.

I wish there were more to it than that. I don’t think the things I write will change the world. I don’t really care if they make me famous. I doubt they will ever make me rich. All I really ever wanted was to not work in a pallet repair factory.

That’s a real place by-the-way. There is a company out there that repairs pallets (aka those wooden things that companies ship things on top of). They don’t build them, they fix the ones that someone else already built. Then they paint them orange. That was my job, for three days. Other men would repair a stack of ten pallets. Then another man would drive that stack of ten pallets over to me so I could paint that stack orange. Bright orange. Have you ever spent eight hours painting things bright orange? It messes with your eyes.¬†Anyway, I quit that job one day by taking off the giant hazmat suit that they had me wearing and walking home (my ride continued to be employed), it was a three hour walk. I really didn’t like the job.

Now I do comedy. There is a video page included on this website. Take a look and tell me what you think. If you like what I do, then follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my email list, I have Facebook but barely use it…. If you don’t like me, but were excited about the idea of discovering a new comedian then send me a message and let me know what celebrity comedians you like. Perhaps I can recommend an up-and-coming comedian with similar sensibilities.

I think that’s it…